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Abi Hemingway, Managing Director, Jackshoot

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Abi Hemingway

A recent Rise Women in Broadcast Award nominee, Abi’s career started in television production in 1999, although she quickly felt drawn to the exciting new world of online media. 

Soon after, Abi met her partners in the tech business, Simon Haywood and Ken Coppel, who later became JACKSHOOT.

Regarded as the trusted online broadcasting expert, JACKSHOOT champions online broadcasting done the right way.

As Joint MD of JACKSHOOT since 2017, leading the company, as well as the wider industry, through countless technology innovations, not to mention the pandemic, and all of the peculiar broadcast challenges that presented - Abi relishes the opportunity to push broadcast forward. 

Her career highlights include overseeing the online broadcasts on behalf of the Royal Family for the Funeral of HM The Queen in 2022 and the subsequent Coronation of HM The King, to more recently shaping the evolving vision for JACKSHOOT. 


Keran Boyd, Research Analyst, Caretta Research

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Keran Boyd

Keran has over 10 years experience in running content programmes for B2B media houses, most recently leading the content at the IBC Show. She has global experience working with mediatech and broadcast firms, and has a strong personal interest in climate action. Keran has an LLB from the University of Cape Town and an MSc from the University of Dundee.