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Haymi Behar, CMO & CDO at SPI International (a Canal+ company)

Haymi Behar (NEM 2022)

Haymi Behar

Haymi Behar is a seasoned digital media and technology professional with over 15 years of experience in various areas such as marketing, communications, publishing, and broadcasting. Currently, he is the Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at the global media company, SPI International (a CANAL+ company), which owns and operates 62 television channels, FAST chnnels, and multiple digital product propositions across six continents. As CMO, Haymi oversees the planning, development and execution of marketing and advertising initiatives. He also leads all digital product development, content delivery, and monetization operations as CDO.

Marion Ranchet, Founder & Managing Director, The Local Act Consultancy

Marion Ranchet - photo

Marion Ranchet

Marion currently runs The Local Act Consultancy, empowering streaming video services to launch and grow in Western Europe. With 17 years of experience in the industry, and as a film and TV lover, she advises SVOD, AVOD and FAST services on how to launch and grow in Europe through her deep knowledge of the varying markets, and with a strong content offering and distribution network in place.

You will often see Marion sharing incredibly useful nuggets of information on LinkedIn, such as her recent posts on ‘how to go global in streaming’ and ‘Gen Zs relationship with streaming’. If you’re looking to soak up key industry knowledge, Marion is someone you definitely need in your network.


Keran Boyd

Keran 3x2

Keran Boyd

Keran is a research analyst at Caretta Research with over 10 years experience in running content programmes for B2B media houses, most recently leading the content at the IBC Show. She has global experience working with mediatech and broadcast firms, and has a strong personal interest in climate action. Keran has an LLB from the University of Cape Town and an MSc from the University of Dundee.