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Eric Klein, Executive Director, Media Distribution Technology, Disney Streaming

eric klein

Eric Klein, Disney Streaming

Eric Klein is Executive Director, Media Distribution Technology at Disney Streaming focusing on video content delivery and optimization. Eric is also an avid member of the Streaming Video Alliance, acting as Co-Chair of the Open Caching Working Group. Eric graduated summa cum laude from New York University with a bachelor degree in Film Studies. Following university, Eric focused on early streaming video initiatives with Synaptic Digital, a public relations and marketing company working with brands such as Adidas and General Motors on their video delivery initiative. Eric has taken roles in product management, product marketing and project management, focusing on video platform development, live event streaming, social media integration and online video market analysis. He previously worked at Limelight Networks as a Solutions Engineer. He is an avid early technology adopter, with a passionate focus in home entertainment and a specialized interest in video quality and delivery.

Jason Thibeault,  Executive Director, The Streaming Video Alliance

Jason T

Jason Thibeault, Streaming Video Alliance

Jason Thibeault is the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance, a global technical association of companies collaborating to solve critical challenges in delivering a better streaming video experience at scale. He is a recognized expert voice in the streaming industry and is a contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine. Jason is also the co-founder of Datazoom, a startup focused on homogenizing streaming video data collecting and increasing the speed of data acquisition. Prior to his current role, Jason spent eight years at Limelight Networks, a leading CDN, where he held several roles including product manager and marketing strategist. Before that, Jason was a founder or co-founder in several startups including GoWare (mobile browsing and video CDN, pre-smartphone) and (spinout from J.D. Power and Associates). He is also an inventor on multiple technical patents in streaming and cloud technologies.

Jim Brickmeier, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Velocix

Jim Brickmeier

Jim Brickmeier, Velocix

Jim Brickmeier is Chief Product and Marketing officer at Velocix, where he leads strategy development, product management, and demand generation. During his 20 years in telecommunications, he has been a driving force behind cloud transformation in the streaming video market. Jim has previously held executive leadership roles at Nokia and Concurrent, and has been a board member of the Streaming Video Alliance.

Andy Waltenspiel, Managing Director, Waltenspiel Management Consulting

Andy Waltenspiel

Andy Waltenspiel, Waltenspiel Management Consulting

Andy is advising and challenging thought leaders and innovators, operators and vendors alike, to think beyond the obvious and to go the extra mile. He’s connecting the dots and connecting people.

Andy is also a key note speaker and moderator for customer events and panels and is producing the “Connecting the Dots” interview series featuring Senior Execs of the Telco & Media industry where he spent the last 20 years at companies like Nagra and Samsung.   

He holds a diploma in Physics, a diploma in Business Administration and has been a visiting fellow at MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge/MA and Harvard Business School, Boston/MA. Andy has been the founder and active player of an improv theatre group for 8 years.