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Lewis Smithingham

Lewis Smithingham, Head of Creative Services, Media Monks

Lewis Smithingham is the Director of Creative Solutions at MediaMonks. A problem-solver who identifies innovative digital opportunities, Smithingham has had a hand in several of MediaMonks’ large-scale, live experiential projects for brands like Old Spice, Amazon and Xfinity. Whether designing new products, tools and technologies or driving high-risk projects toward success, Smithingham keeps on the pulse of technological advancement to simplify complex challenges.


Raymond Drewry

Raymond Drewry, Principal Scientist, Movielabs


Lasse Kempf

Lasse Kempf, Director of Technology, Blast

Lasse Kempf, formerly CEO of VIPR, an innovative broadcast technology company based in Denmark, is BLASTs Director Of Technology. He has spearheaded the technological transition to online events and the development of a state-of-the-art broadcast setup used to deliver BLAST’s esports to the world.