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 Jon Snow on Facebook ’fakery’

Veteran TV journalist and C4 news anchor Jon Snow warned of the social disconnect in today’s media during his MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival. Snow said that Facebook “prioritised fakery on a massive scale” during the US presidential election. He highlighted Facebook and Google’s duopoly over audience reach and information, which he said was a threat to democracy and the digital revenue required to sustain quality journalism. 

Snapchat’s scripted push

Snapchat is set to join Facebook and Apple in the production of original content. Snapchat Head of Content Nick Bell said audiences should expect the platform to carry scripted content by the end of the year, reported Variety. Bell explained the push is no threat to traditional broadcasters but complementary to TV. Snapchat’s goal is to engage and capture audiences turning the mobile device into a remote extension of TV consumption.     

Ofcom judicial review of Sky deal

21st Century Fox faces a legal battle in its bid to take over Sky. Ofcom ruled the media giant was “fit and proper” to take over Sky in June this year, despite concerns of media credibility and public interest. However, activist group Avaaz has challenged the decision. The Guardian shared the group’s first steps

Sky invests $1.3m in TRX 

Sky has doubled its 2016 investment in TRX, which allows TV rights to be bought and sold online from anywhere across the globe, aiming to make TV deals quicker and more efficient for buyers according to the Hollywood Reporter. TRX Chairman David Frank said: “This investment will help drive our global rollout.”

Amazon launch unscripted reality shows 

Variety reported three unscripted reality shows will be launched by Amazon Prime Video for Indian audiences, in a bid to add variety to the marketplace. A travelling comedy show following comedian Vir Das in Jestination Unknown across different Indian cities. The Remix will be a 10-part music competition where singers partner with DJs in a battle for the grand prize and Comic Kaun will find India’s next comedian.    

Little Dot and Discovery deal

The main premium content distributor on YouTube, Little Dot Studios, announced this week its expansion into Latin America with Discovery Networks to increase the company’s content portfolio. Opening a new office in Buenos Aires the studio will be repsonsbile for 14 YouTube channels firmly establishing itself within the region, reported NexTV News

HTC slashes VR headsets

HTC has permanently lowered the price of VR headsets, following the recent price cut by competitor Oculus Rift. According to Engadget it’s a major move in mainstream VR adoption, and is likely the handsets will become less of a novelty albeit still a costly investment.  

HBO hackers threaten finale leak of Game of Thrones

HBO has been threatened by hackers again. The season finale of Game of Thrones will be leaked according to a hacking group which contacted Mashable with HBO login credentials to its social media accounts. HBO said it would not accede to the demands.