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UK 5G spectrum auction begins 
The bidding has begun on the UK’s next-generation 5G services. The BBC reported that the combined spectrum will increase the spectrum for mobile devices in the UK by close to a third. Companies bidding include O2, Three, EE and newcomer Airspan Spectrum which purchased a large portion of the Irish mobile spectrum. 

Comcast to rival Netflix with Sky bid
Comcast’s NBCUniversal could be paired with Sky’s offering if its bid for Sky is successful. According to analysis from MoffettNathanson the amalgamation would enable Comcast enough power and content to create a global OTT service, TVBEurope reported

EC plans to tax internet giants with 3% levy 
The European Commission has suggested a global agreement on how to tax digital products according to an agreed value. Until that happens it wants to charge a 3% tax on revenues for online advertising, the sale of user data and digital platforms that facilitate interactions between users, according to Telecoms

In numbers… Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal 


People completed a survey by Cambridge University Professor Aleksandr Kogan which enabled him to access the data of more than 50 million unique Facebook users. Facebook provided the data of everyone who completed the survey as well as their friends, according to CNN. The data was acquired in a legitimate way, according to Facebook, but the voilation occured when Kogan shared the data with third parties. 

57 billion

Anonymised Facebook friendships were provided to Cambridge Analytica in 2011 for a study on international friendships. The “sheer volume” of shared data alludes to a pre-existing relationship, reported The Guardian. Aleksandr Kogan has since been blacklisted from Facebook and in his words, used as a “scapegoat”. 

$45 billion

Wiped off Facebook’s stock valuation in four days, according to CNBC.

Google supports ACCC digital inquiry 
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is investigating the impact Google, Apple News and Facebook have on credible journalism. Google said it recognises the loss of revenue streams for local media and plans to collaborate to combat the spread of fake news. According to The Guardian, there is a greater urgency in the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach.   

HTC releases new Vive Pro headset 
HTC has released a new model, the Vive Pro. which is a headset-only offering. It is due to begin shipping 5 April, with sensors and controllers available as extras. Tech Crunch reported the steep price tag at $799, could jeopardise the competitive position the company sits in within the VR space.  

Formula 1 extends Snapchat deal 
At least 10 F1 events will feature on Snapchat this season as part of an extended social media deal expansion. The social platform will curate public snaps posted by drivers, teams, journalists and fans from anywhere in the world and edited in HD, reported TVBEurope. The new F1 season begins this weekend.