This paper looks at how the use of the Link Level Discovery Protocol (LLDP) represents a significant industry first among video transport equipment manufacturers.


The marriage of Ethernet/IP services with wavelength-based optical transport has been a technical and economic boon to broadcasters, video transport providers, and regional carriers alike. 

While delivering many significant advantages, the Ethernet/DWDM approach is not without a few notable shortcomings.

This whitepaper looks at the advantages and drawbacks of the Ethernet/DWDM approach and introduces an enhanced software toolset based on the widely-used Link Level Discovery Protocol (LLDP).

This technology gives MD8000 and MDX2040 switches new visibility into disruptions affecting local, metropolitan, and long haul optical links, multiplexers, and repeaters.

The implementation of the new LLDP feature on the MD8000 platform represents a significant industry first among contribution/distribution video equipment manufacturers.

Simple to deploy and simple to use, LLDP status monitoring can improve both network availability and customer satisfaction in any regional, national, or global video transport service.

Sherman Schlar, Solutions Engineer, Media Links