This whitepaper examines what file-based industries such as M&E require from their storage systems when data grows at an explosive rate and must always be available.


The Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry depends on file-based data to spur innovation and collaboration.

Because of new developments in technologies and processes, that data is growing steadily, and its growth has accelerated to the point that M&E companies wonder how they can manage the ever-increasing scale of their digital assets.

In addition, many M&E companies have satellite offices that can be anywhere in the world. A distributed workforce and the public cloud are creating a new demand for the mobility of file-based data.

This whitepaper examines the new requirements of file-based storage that are emerging in a world where data grows at explosive rates and where it must always be available.

It then looks at those requirements in terms of a particular file storage system, Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) and explains how QF2’s unique architecture gives it the qualities that the M&E industry requires from its file storage systems.