Real applications illustrate the benefits of an accelerated video cloud, which leverages open source technologies & standard servers.


The demands from video applications is pushing broadcast and communications networks to the limit. Adding more equipment to handle these video streams is not economically viable.

What’s more, operators and service providers want to move away from special appliances or dedicated hardware towards standard servers. But standard servers currently are not optimized for video transcoding in the cloud.

The best solution is an accelerated video cloud: PCI Express video acceleration cards in standard servers. The accelerated video cloud offers the ubiquity of standard servers, but the added benefit of higher performance and higher density.

This paper presents the market drivers behind the need for an accelerated video cloud and discusses the implications of open source technologies. Real-life example applications then give context to the performance and financial benefits outlined in the conclusion.

Linsey Miller, VP Marketing, Artesyn Embedded Technologies; 
Nagesh Puppala, Media Segment Director, Network Platforms Group, Intel; 
Joelle Coghlan, Global Marketing Lead for Telecom Solutions, Dell