• IBC and TM Forum collaborate on Catalysts
  • 5G, AI and data management showcased
  • Telecom and media industries converge

Media and telecom convergence and collaboration will be showcased at the upcoming Digital Transformation World where three joint proof-of-concept projects will be demonstrated.

The three unique Catalyst projects have been established in the first round of IBC and TM Forum’s collaboration aimed at driving innovation between the media and telecoms industries.

Featured among the 32 projects demonstrated at Digital Transformation World, they incorporate some of today’s most complex business and technology challenges today, including 5G, data management, virtual and augmented reality, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and the automation of business processes for regulatory compliance.

The three Media-Telecom Catalysts are:


5G-Enabled Tourism Experience

This Catalyst explores ways of creating a pop-up network for delivery of high throughput broadcasting to distant points of fibre presence via mmWave connection.

The project investigates how to deliver rich and engaging video-based experiences to users exploring an area of the Roman Baths in the UK and allows a mobile device to view a place as it would have been in the past.

Champions: Aardman Entertainment, BBC R&D; Participants: Bristol University, Cambridge Communications Systems Ltd., Zeetta Networks Ltd.

AI Indexing for Regulatory Practice

This Catalyst is exploring ways to intelligently automate the identification of on-air content using AI in order to measure and report against compliance metrics set by external regulatory bodies, as well as for accurate measurement of internal editorial, creative and technical standards.

Champions: Associated Press, Al Jazeera, RTE; Participants: Metaliquid, QCRI, Tech Mahindra, V-Nova.

Mobile News Gathering Using AI-Powered Compression

This Catalyst is working to empower newsrooms and journalists through improved intelligence for the mobile reporter in the field and faster time-to-air for both live and pre-recorded content.

It leverages AI and techniques for improved bandwidth utilisation through advanced compression techniques.

Champions: Associated Press, Al Jazeera, RTE; Participant: V-Nova.

TM Forum executive vice president Andy Tiller said: “The convergence between telecom and media and entertainment has opened up exciting opportunities for our members to work alongside some of the world’s leading media companies to solve pressing business challenges.

“These three projects truly showcase how the power of collaboration helped find unique real-world solutions to problems faced by both industries – not only transforming businesses but consumer experience as well.”

Digital Transformation World showcases how businesses can seize the opportunity and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital world with a focus on intelligent operations for a 5G world.

What is a Catalyst? 

Technology, media and entertainment consultant Mark Smith explains what a media telco Catalyst is and the objective of the projects. 

Digital Transformation World runs 14-16 May in Nice, France.