For the last three years, TV 2 Norway has implemented our largest and most complex technology project. By IBC 2019 we have achieved all our main goals. TV 2 has established a completely new workflow with an IP based playout. Our new architecture combines traditional purchased Broadcast systems with our own developed Service Bus giving us the ability to change our work methodology to support a more agile and flexible approach.


The backdrop of this project was the most optimal circumstances for a project this size we could ever dream of. We had a scheduling system and a playout system that was end of life. At the same time, it was decided that TV 2 had to relocate to new locations, both at our main office and in Oslo where the other half of TV 2 is located. The project was given the mandate to change all infrastructure and produce new workflows for the entire production chain from planning to publication on all platforms with the purpose of combining workflows for traditional broadcast and OTT.

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