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    Industry Trends

    Why personalisation will define the next phase of streaming


    Interest in delivering OTT/VOD services that accommodate greater personalisation of content and advertising closer to the viewer is growing all the time. 

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    Launching market-defining streaming services

    2020-12-18T14:54:00Z Brought to you by

    How Deltatre supports global organisations as they go from concept to screen and beyond.

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    Industry Trends

    2020 in review: Virtual reality gets real


    The VR sector is now going through a much-needed period of readjustment after inflated early expectations about the technology. 

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    C-Band reclamation: Transitioning strategies.

    2020-12-04T08:51:00Z Brought to you by

    This paper introduces the topic of spectrum reallocation for 5G rollout, the impact that has on existing C-Band and other spectrum users and the transitioning strategies employed to mitigate this.

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    Applicaster 2021 Predictions

    2020-11-27T13:33:00Z Sponsored by

    2020 was a year of record highs and record lows in entertainment. McKinsey data showed that we “vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of around eight weeks” in the early days of the Covid-19 lockdowns, and content streaming — along with Zoom calls ...

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    Industry Trends

    BT Sport scores new tech to boost matchday experience


    BT Sport has launched several new functions to boost its viewer experience. James Pearce speaks to COO Jamie Hindhaugh about the importance of partnerships and how technology can innovate live sports.

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    Three important trends from 2020

    2020-11-26T12:45:00Z Sponsored by

    This holiday season media companies can expect more than just a little cheer. People are streaming at record levels, subscriptions are up, and strong advertising fill rates are expected to continue. Here are 3 important outcomes from 2020.

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    Industry Trends

    CDNs: Building a better video experience


    Western European premium content owners plan to greatly accelerate their content distribution (CDN) workflows by 2022. With CDNs set to be the top media technology in the minds of enterprises, get prepared, and learn from the experiences of a panel of experts. 

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    IBC SHOWCASE review: Gracenote explores the future of the TV experience


    This decade has already brought with it major changes for video and entertainment, and that innovation shows no signs of slowing, according to an IBC SHOWCASE discussion.  

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    Wyplay: Services Offering for RDK

    2020-11-09T11:46:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC SHOWCASE: Discover, in less than 3 minutes, how Wyplay accompanies the TV operators in their ambitious RDK projects to make their subscribers happy.

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    Daily News

    Skyworth and 3SS partner to fast-track Android TV launches


    3 Screen Solutions (3SS) and Skyworth Digital have integrated their technologies to create a new STB platform optimised to enable faster Android TV service launches with world-class viewing experiences.

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    Super-aggregation and cloud-powered IPTV: A case study


    With an increasing number of new entrants – and some failures – the pay-TV and OTT streaming markets are dynamic yet fragmented, while customer frustrations are rising. A timely online roundtable discussion on IBC365 makes for essential viewing for anyone interested in the IPTV and content sectors. 

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    Android TV: Inside Google’s TV platform


    IBC recently gathered a panel of experts in the pay-TV field, including set-top box (STB) manufacturers and Android TV integrators, to explore and discuss the opportunities for pay-TV operators offered by Google’s platform. The discussion provided valuable insight into a market in the throes of transformation. 

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    GTMedia Product Portofolio

    2020-10-28T09:12:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC SHOWCASE: GTMedia is the world’s leading brand of set-top boxes and multimedia products, ranking top in market shares in many countries. Watch this product demo to get taken through their product portfolio. 

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    Industry Trends

    Why Quibi pulled the plug


    Quibi launched its shortform streaming service amid great fanfare in April this year, but just six months later founders Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg have announced it is to close. So, what went wrong? 

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    Industry Trends

    Object-based media: Exploring the user experience


    BBC Research and Development has published a white paper, Object-Based Media - An Overview Of The User Experience, to coincide with IBC2020. Ann-Marie Corvin presents a summary of the study, followed by an exclusive Q A with the paper’s lead author, Maxine Glancy, senior research scientist at BBC R ...

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    IBC SHOWCASE: Gracenote to debate next gen TV offerings

    2020-10-15T13:04:00Z Brought to you by

    Gracenote will host an IBC SHOWCASE session at 3.30pm BST on Thursday 22 October entitled Transforming the TV Experience in the 2020s: What will the next generation of offerings deliver ? 

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    Industry Trends

    Broadcasters keep dancing to the tune of social media


    In a world filled with content it’s more important than ever for broadcasters to keep viewers engaged. A tried and tested to way to do this is through having a presence on social media. But how are broadcasters keeping up with the rapid pace? 

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    Industry Trends

    Set-top boxes: Further improvements for UIs, UHD and HDR


    Increased support for Android TV is also a priority consideration for many developers of STB-related products and technologies.

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    IBC2020 Technical Papers: New Media


    Technical Papers: Watch presentations by the authors and read their technical papers on storytelling and new media.