A year ago, Canadian telco TELUS embarked on a digital transformation project designed to go ‘beyond TV’ into a software-driven organisation.

“Project Opus involved wholesale changes in how our technology and product teams deliver meaningful experiences to our customers - further enabled through our partnership with Accenture,” explained Tim Fell, VP of Future Friendly Technology Services for the telco at an IBC Showcase Theatre session.


(L-R): Tim Fell, TELUS; Gino Galassi, Accenture: We want to own and control our future

Gino Galassi, MD, Accenture, picks up the story: “They came to us saying they wanted to differentiate with engineering. This is what Amazon and Netflix are doing. Hearing this from a telco was fantastic.”

He explained: “A typical telco will have high ARPU from selling broadband and fibre but be poor in terms of data. Digital products on the other hand are data intensive. It is incredible how much you can understand about a family from digital TV, from their content subscriptions to when they leave and return home. To leverage this data telcos have to overcome traditional siloed models and orient an operating model where the customer is at the centre.”

Based on Accenture’s video platform, Opus is counted as a success.

“We want to own and control our future,” said Fell. “We also wanted to work on features that would differentiate us and not be dependent on others to do that. We can now drive our own destiny.”