Throughout 2023, IBC will continue to provide the content and technology industry with insight into the important trends, issues and technology developments.

Every month, IBC365 will focus on a particular issue, explored via webinars (which will be available for co-sponsorship), industry trend features, interviews, thought leadership articles and more. 

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IBC365 Editorial Calendar 2023   
February: Shifting Business models (8K, fan experiences)  Type Date / Title 
  Co-sponsored webinar 8 Feb Webinar 8K content — dead or alive?
  Co-sponsored webinar 22 Feb Fan experiences
  Feature 1 Focus: Finding ROI and new revenue opportunities 
  Feature 2 Focus: VPP (Virtual Product Placement) technology
  Feature 3 Virtual production - lessons from the frontline
March: People & Purpose (Sustainability and Inclusivity)  Type  Date / Title
  Co-sponsored webinar 15 Mar: Driving measurable sustainability in broadcast streaming
  Co-sponsored webinar Diversity in media and broadcasting
  Feature 1 Sustainable production in the real world 
  Feature 2 Sustainability, CDGs and the road to Net Zero
  Feature 3 Interview - Key industry figure
April: Transformative Tech  Type Date / Title 
  Co-sponsored webinar  Storage - on-prem vs cloud 
  Co-sponsored webinar   Behind the scenes focus #1 
  Feature 1 Focus: Metaverse - News from the frontline
  Feature 2 Product Showcase: 5G production
  Feature 3 Embracing IP
May: Shifting business models Type Date / Title
  Co-sponsored webinar  Esports and gaming
  Co-sponsored webinar  USer targeting and tracking - cool new ways of using data
  Feature 1 Focus: Piracy prevention
  Feature 2 Preserving assets
  Feature 3 Dynamic content insertion
June: People & Purpose Type Date / Title
  Co-sponsored webinar  Skills + training 
  Co-sponsored webinar  Behind the scenes focus #”
  Feature 1 Focus: Recruitment and retention
  Feature 2 Wimbledon (July) & Tour de France (July)
  Feature 3 Interview - Key industry figure
July: Transformative Tech Type Date / Title
  Co-sponsored webinar  AI topic, AI in content supply chain
  Co-sponsored webinar  FAST channels/FAST VOD
  Feature 1 Focus: AI and content creation
  Feature 2 Product Showcase: Immersive experiences
  Feature 3 Producing content for the metaverse
August: Shifting business models Type Date / Title 
  Co-sponsored webinar  IBC2023 Preview
  Co-sponsored webinar  IBC2023 Preview
  Feature 1 Focus: Supply chain
  Feature 2 Case study: ITVX in numbers (or Hybrid revenue models)
  Feature 3 Localisation for streamers
September: IBC2023 (15-18 Sep) Type Date / Title
  Feature 1 IBC2022 preview series
  Feature 2 Focus: Content Everywhere
  Feature 3 Interview - Key industry figure/IBC Owners
 October: Transformative Tech Week Theme
  Week 2 Oct Security
  Week 16 Oct Anti-Piracy
  Week 23 Oct Virtual Production
 November: Shifting Business Models Week Theme
  Week 30 Oct Ad Tech
  Week 6 Nov Streaming and tech stack ROI
  Week 13 Nov Increasing Monetisation
Week 20 Nov Integration and legacy challenges
 December: People & Purpose
Week Theme
  Week 27 Nov AI and Ethics
Week 4 Dec Tech Leadership in 2024
  Week 11 Dec Sustainability
  Week 18 Dec Recruitment and Skills