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  • EP-7
    Industry Trends

    IBC Changemakers Podcast: F1 Cars, a Yellow Bear and Supporting Young People


    In episode Seven of the IBC’s Changemaker series of Podcasts, Actors and Changemakers, Lisa Kelly, Head of Content Innovation & Development, Children in Need, BBC, speaks to Nadira Tudor about how Pudsey Bear will be stepping into a sim-rig to drive supercars, and dancing his way through this year’s appeal.

  • Is in game ads a game changer

    Is in-game advertising a game-changer?


    IBC2023: TV streaming services and adverts are increasingly served through gaming consoles, while gaming-based content served on the big screen continues to attract large audiences. But where are the opportunities for in-game advertising and how are the industry’s key players leveraging streaming services to reach gamers and promote their products? ...

  • Blurred lines Gaming & film tech fusion in Fortnite’s Moontopia

    Blurred lines: Gaming & film tech fusion in Fortnite’s Moontopia


    IBC2023: As gaming technology and real-time 3D tools help make film production smoother, easier and faster, visual effects being used in popular modern video games are now catching the attention of filmmakers.

  • Fireside Chat with Ubisoft, From gaming to on-screen The hiccups and highlights

    Fireside Chat with Ubisoft, From gaming to on-screen: The hiccups and highlights


    IBC2023: Join Helene Juguet, Managing Director of Ubisoft Film & Television Paris for an in-depth discussion on bridging the gap between film and gaming, keeping an audience captive to the universe around your content, and leveraging games IP for movie-crossover success in order to spearhead growth into new demographics.

  • Growth in Gaming

    Growth in Gaming: All you need to know about top gaming trends


    Join us for a need-to-know breakdown of today’s games industry ecosystem. From key trends across consoles, cloud gaming and subscriptions, to the tech powering the video games market of the future, you’ll hear where the best opportunities across the gaming sector for TV, film and beyond lie.

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    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Fiona Campbell – Social Listening and Winning Collaboration


    Ahead of IBC2023, Michael Burns chats with Fiona Campbell, BBC’s Controller Youth Audience, BBC iPlayer and BBC Three, about what formats win over both teens and under-35s as well as how to cross-pollinate with gaming and social media to grab attention in a distracting world.

  • 1. IBC2023 Where innovation is everywhere
    Daily News

    IBC2023: Where innovation is everywhere


    Not only will IBC2023 host world-first debuts of game-changing technology for the media and entertainment industry, but it’ll also showcase the latest in innovative thinking, novel research and groundbreaking proofs of concept across a series of showfloor features.

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    IBC2023: Esports Showcase to Deliver Next Level Gaming


    Esports specialists have teamed up with IBC to create an immersive gaming zone at the 2023 show, offering visitors the opportunity to experiment with state-of-the-art production technology and experience competitions produced and streamed onsite.

  • esports player
    Daily News

    Discover the gaming and entertainment opportunity at IBC2023


    IBC2023 is set to host an extensive esports offering with a full day of sessions on the Showcase Theatre, a dedicated zone on the showfloor and focused tech tours, as the worlds of film, TV and gaming continue to converge.

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    Webinar: The professional era of esports: Trends and outlook


    Esports has been enjoying strong growth over the last few years owing to popularity with younger audiences as gaming continues to dominate in this segment. Over the last few years, the leagues have been professionalised and broadcast deals have been struck for international distribution. Join IBC365 on-demand as we talk ...

  • Advances in video coding

    Technical papers: Advances in video coding


    IBC2022: In this three-paper session we cover both speciality as well as mainstream encoding applications. V-Nova shares its approach and impressive results to encoding 6 degree-of-freedom point clouds with an emphasis on achieving real-time decode on high-end consumer devices. Mediakind explores encoding optimisations for live streamed game content, such as ...

  • 5. Quest Pro VR headset launched – amps up mixed-reality

    Quest Pro VR headset launched – amps up mixed-reality


    The Quest Pro VR headset has been announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The new device will cost $1,500 and start shipping on October 25.

  • TNW Gaming & Sports

    TNW Talks @ IBC: Gaming & Sports


    IBC2022: Technology is changing how we interact and experience sports, esports, and gaming experiences at lightning speed. Richer environments for the users not only enhance their journey but also unlocks a wider breadth of data analytics, marketing, and advertising opportunities. Advancements in gaming engines are accelerating the boom of the ...

  • EE 5G Remote Broadcast with BT Sport2
  • G&D-AP-3-pix-manage
    Daily News

    KVM gets game on for esports


    G&D is demonstrating how KVM systems deliver high resolutions and non-dropping frame rates for the ideal gaming experience in Hall 8.

  • Microsoft session

    IBC Digital 2021: Microsoft Showcase Session - How cloud, data, AI, and gaming technology transform the media value chain


    In this 2021 IBC Digital session, we looked at how media companies are using the cloud, data, artificial intelligence, and gaming technology to streamline production and distribution processes, to create new direct-to-consumer channels, to drive personalised experiences, smarter content investments, and more impactful advertising opportunities. 

  • IBC awards 2021

    IBC Digital: IBC Awards 2021


    IBC’s glittering awards ceremony went virtual in 2021, yet generated the same excitement in finding out who has won the three prizes for innovative, co-operative developments. Games, remote production, 4k anime, dynamic content management - all and more made the shortlist.

  • Live dealer gaming poker
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    Phenix partners with Amusnet Gaming


    Real-time streaming technology company Phenix partnered with Amusnet Gaming, until recently EGT Interactive, as part of the latter’s efforts to take live dealer gaming to a new level.

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    How cloud, data, AI, and gaming technology transform the media value chain


    Media companies are using the cloud, data, artificial intelligence, and gaming technology to become more agile, with a Microsoft session on IBC Digital offering real-world examples of how media companies are optimising their cost structure, creating new revenue streams, and responding to changing audience and advertiser expectations.

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    Industry Trends

    How future market and technology trends will define the home device market


    The home device market has seen significant growth over the past couple of years, with more content and services being streamed into such devices than ever before. How are the trends around the technology and use-cases driving development?