The Multimedia over IP Network (MoIN) server software from 2wcom can be operated on hardware, virtual machine, or using a cost-effective containerised version on major cloud platforms. It has been upgraded to meet customer requests for virtualisation, increased IT security and the need to connect remote and local sites.

Now, the software can be operated on Kubernetes cluster (a set of node machines running containerised applications) to ease the management and monitoring of containers, services and workloads across multiple physical machines. Also new is its up2talk service, which connects external participants or remote productions directly into a studio network and provides audio in broadcast quality.

2wcom Systems-1

2wcom’s MoIN web interface for controlling encodes and decodes

Users can now feed a streaming encoder or transcoding audio signals to adaptive bitrate protocols like HLS for further distribution via CDN. A few more features are also new but more for config purposes in the background (such as TS re-multiplexing).

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MoIN supports a wide range of protocols, standards and codecs, including offering compatibility to third-party products. It can make web streams available for distribution over cable or satellite, and transcode signals (such as AES67) from studio networks to a format that is suitable for wide area networks. Depending on the use-case up to a thousand on-demand transcoders can be used when needed.

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