Octopus Newsroom is extending its reach at IBC with a host of new features in its Octopus 12 news production system. 

New features include enhanced rundown management, a redesigned UI, advanced event and story planning, integration with speech-to-text engines, automated workflows and a ChatGPT-based AI assistant.  


Octopus COO and Sales Director Gabriel Janko 

A key component of Octopus 12 is the Octopus Web Client, which extends Octopus Newsroom’s capabilities and flexibility beyond the range of on-prem equipment. Providing flexible deployment either on-prem or in the cloud, the web client and desktop client work side-by-side or on their own with the same mainframe of stability, access and features regardless of how it is accessed. 

“Octopus had a web client until around 2010, but there were so many browser limitations in those days that we developed our own client,” said Octopus COO and Sales Director Gabriel Janko. “Customers are now looking for more simplified workflows and flexibility, so we developed the web client to enable them to log in from a home computer.”  

Stand Number: 6.C12 

Company: Octopus Newsroom