EVS is hoping to bring the power of artificial intelligence to its replay and content management systems. It has previously used AI in XtraMotion to create super slomo from normal cameras using frame interpolation, and also in its Xeebra VAR system to judge offside lines. 

At IBC it is showing the potential new systems as a proof of concept. “If we see a real interest that is something we can definitely put in place,” said Sébastien Verlaine, Head of Marketing & Communications, EVS.  

AI can aid the creative process

Verlaine: AI could ‘help operators to focus more on creative tasks’ 

“Our aim with AI is to help operators to focus more on creative tasks and less on the cumbersome tasks.” 

For replay, AI could allow LiveCeption to create cinematic effects (using dynamic depth of field to blur out the background for a more dramatic replay); zoom, “to focus on a point of interest while keeping the same quality, which can be done in almost real time”; and de-blurring, to correct blur around players to create a clearer image for replay. 

Its content management system, MediaCeption, could use AI to do speech-to-text, producing a complete transcript, which can be delivered in different languages; face recognition, where it can learn faces of different players, “so it can quickly gather clips related to each player”. There could be something similar for VIP recognition, building on databases of well-known people. 

Stand Number: 10.A25 

Company: EVS Broadcast Equipment