Clear-Com has significantly updated its Arcadia Central Station to make it “the most powerful 1RU intercom system” on the market. The update adds new features, including I.V. Direct, IP interfacing connectivity that supports distributed workflows, along with an increase in capacity for up to 285 connections. 

I.V. Direct connects Arcadia and Clear-Com’s LQ Series of IP Interfaces, Eclipse HX Digital Matrix System (via E-IPA card) and other Arcadia systems over LAN, WAN or internet. The update also provides a substantial increase in capacity for FreeSpeak beltpacks, transceivers, and HelixNet endpoints, to support 285 input/output connections on a single system. 

Arcadia updates adds more connectivity

Arcadia updates adds more connectivity

The integration with LQ and Eclipse will allow Arcadia users “to scale their existing systems appropriately and collaborate on large, multifaceted productions – even from opposite sides of the world,” said Simon Browne, VP of Product Management for Clear-Com. According to Browne, it will be particularly useful for remote productions or even multi-country events where users are concurrently operating multiple systems and require audio communication over large distances. 

I.V. Direct permits intercom audio, logic controls and call signals to be passed between separately managed Clear-Com systems and assigned to channels, groups, and keys in the individual systems. Arcadia will support up to 16 I.V. Direct connections. 

Stand Number: 10.D29 

Company: Clear-Com