Archiware has released version 7.0 of its P5 data management platform, which is claimed to contain “a slew of innovative features”.

These include an elastic container storage engine for disk and cloud, true incremental cloud backup, an LTFS engine with Archiware’s own driver that can import foreign LTFS volumes and offers LTFS exchange support on all platforms, as well as very fast verification of written data.


Archiware P5 has replaced multiple storage volumes with a single container

P5’s new container storage format for backup and archive to cloud storage moves away from the virtual tape concept. Multiple volumes are now replaced with single storage containers to access disk and cloud storage.

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As of P5 version 7.0, regular full backups are a thing of the past. The amount of data requiring renewed backup to disk and cloud is significantly reduced, thanks to the new elastic container storage format, along with the intelligent organisation of the data within.

Expired containers are simply removed from the backup when no longer needed. Full backups are only required when writing to LTO tape, allowing whole tapes to be recycled and reused.

Support for import of foreign LTFS volumes brings benefits for users with data stored on such tapes. LTFS tapes can now easily be searched and browsed by importing them into P5 Archive to an index of choice. All LTFS tapes written by P5 or third-party LTFS software are supported. Formatting, reading and writing of LTFS volumes for import/export is supported on all P5 platforms, including Windows and FreeBSD.

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