Moving from traditional SDI infrastructure to UHD needn’t mean ripping everything out and moving to fibre. Argosy’s new Ultra range of 12G products means that “engineers with traditional tools and skill sets” can work with a system “that is very rugged, very robust and they all know”, said Chris Smeeton, Argosy Director. 

The range of cables, connectors, BNCs, terminal panels and patch panels slot into traditional SDI infrastructure to simplify the move to UHD/4K. 

Argosy unveils Ultra 12G range

Cable guy: Smeeton shows off the new Image 360 Ultra and Image 1000 Ultra 

“Unlike fibre, which requires off-site termination and complex threading through existing infrastructures, it empowers users to utilise standard copper cables and connectors that can be effortlessly terminated on-site,” he said. 

There are currently three cables in the range: the Image 360 Ultra, Image 1000 Ultra, and Image 1500 Ultra coax cables. “We tested the Image 1000 Ultra for three days, subjecting it to rough conditions, and it can carry 4K signal about 70m with zero dropout in a real environment,” he said. The 360 should be good for about 40m, and the 1500 for 100m. 

While the 12G-SDI cables will probably be about 25% more expensive than SDI, largely due to the extra copper, it should still be less expensive than fibre, particularly taking into account installation and other costs. 

Stand Number: 10.C51 

Company: Argosy