Accsoon has launched a tiny new low-cost wireless transmitter with a range of 150m. The CineView Nano uses 5Ghz WiFi to connect up to four devices at once. It can also be used on top of a camera using an included clamp.  

The HDMI wireless transmitter is suitable for use with compact mirrorless cameras and can connect them to iPhones, iPads and selected Android smartphones and tablets, with a latency of less than 0.06s. Paired with the free Accsoon See app, it transforms the phone or tablet into a fully featured HD monitor and streaming system. Because it uses a device screen users already have with them, it means less to carry. 

CineView Nano simplifies wireless monitoring

Accsoon Head of Marketing, Nissy Cai, shows off the new CineView Nano in Hall 12 

The app has comprehensive monitoring options, including flipping the image for selfie mode, monitoring audio levels, adding grids, waveform monitoring, LUTs, and anamorphic de-squeeze. It can also record 1080p video on the devices for sharing or editing. 

CineView Nano can also stream HD video directly from the camera to YouTube, Facebook, or other video streaming services. 

It is powered using an NP-F type battery, or via USB-C. There is also a 10W USB-C power output for charging phones or tablets. 

Stand Number: 12.C55 

Company: Accsoon