Archiving specialist Noa has added significant features to its QualityChecker content assessment tool for jobDB and mediARC.

QualityChecker 2.0 is designed to streamline and optimise the archive migration process and improve efficiency of the entire archival business process. The content assessment tool helps to reduce overall project costs by facilitating job separation between ingest and technical QC. It allows QC engineers to load open tasks directly within the stand-alone client application, to locate error sources, ensure technical quality, certify that content matches its descriptive metadata, as well as trimming (in/out) or extracting individual segments from the content.

NOA Archive-2

Noa’s QualityChecker is now faster and easier to use

Recent enhancements include an improved engine that results in even faster operation, including quicker task loading, combined functions, and improved productivity.

The system also features a new gateway that puts each scenario into context, making it easier for operators to make decisions when validating and processing content.

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Improved content assessment helps staff to assess certain quality aspects in only a few seconds, no matter the overall length of the content. Noa has also added visual interpretation of the complete task to further help minimise potential errors.

Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner, Noa, said: “We’ve upgraded the entire process from a production perspective by combining analyses, including vector shapes and improved timeline visualisation. We know that a quality assessment tool plays a critical role in successfully scrutinising all content, so we are constantly working to enhance QualityChecker’s performance to ease the daily operations of our clients.”

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