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    Simplifying media workloads with Universal Storage

    2020-10-15T12:34:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: In this session, you’ll see how Vast’s Universal Storage delivers the all-flash performance, and capacity that today’s 4K and 8K projects demand, at a cost that makes it attractive not just for your most demanding applications but for your archives as well, all with the simplicity of standard ...

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    Thought Leadership

    Hard Disk or SSD for Digital Media?


    The merits or otherwise of SSD and HDD should be treated in a clear and balanced way, says Rainer Kaese, Sr manager business development, Toshiba Electronics Europe, Storage Products Division

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    Thought Leadership

    Has storage got too complex?


    Storage for video production used to be simple: you picked the video camera you could afford, and the camera choice often dictated the videotape format you would use, said Stan Moote, CTO, IABM.