The Dejero EnGo 265, which will be on show in Hall 2 at IBC, was recently used by extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer and his crew, Team Dominator, to live stream to 20 million people a month during peak tornado season in the US.

Timmer’s armoured vehicle, Dominator 3, was equipped with the mobile transmitter in March. It not only provides live video transmission and encoding; its GateWay Mode also enables the storm chasers to access a supercharged internet hotspot from any location, even in the most challenging terrains.

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EnGo is able to supercharge internet connectivity amid extreme weather

In Nebraska the team captured what is being described as the best tornado intercept in US history. Even with winds between 160mph and 170 mph, inside the wedge tornado, Timmer had uninterrupted internet connectivity, upheld by the Dejero EnGo 265 with GateWay Mode.

“Our mission is to increase awareness of the dangers of a storm to the public,” said Timmer. “We often start with over 20,000 concurrent live viewers online all wanting to see us execute our mission. If we lose the signal, our entire mission is at risk and viewers begin to drop off.”

Live feeds from vehicle-mounted, handheld and drone cameras are transmitted from storm locations to the Team Dominator production office in Texas. The packaged video is delivered as a continuous live stream to Timmer’s internet subscribers.

“We hope to use this technology for hurricane season and continue streaming life-saving information to those in the path of these dangerous storms,” added Timmer.