Focusing on practical use cases around leveraging AI is key to relieving some of the potential fear associated with the technology.

This was the hot topic of discussion in the Forum yesterday in a session entitled ‘How to Approach AI and Gain a Competitive Edge’, which saw speakers from across the industry identify the big trends occurring in the sector.

D3 AI- Forum (2) SR

Renard T Jenkins, President, SMPTE; Lewis Smithingham, SVP of Innovation & Creative Solutions, Media.Monks; Maria Ingold, Strategy & Innovation CTO, Mireality; Quincy Olatunde, VP, Products, Direct-to-Consumer, Peacock TV, NBC Universal; Samira Bakhtiar, Director of Global Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services

Samira Bakhtiar, Director of Global Media & Entertainment for Amazon Web Services, said: “There’s not going to be one foundational model to rule them all. We’re seeing trends around choice and flexibility, the overall developer experience and the paramount importance of security.”

Quincy Olatunde, VP, Products, Direct-to-Consumer - Peacock TV, NBC Universal, added that it comes down to the quality of the data and how it is sourced. Larger businesses should be aware of the potential risks they may expose themselves to, while ethical responsibility also remains a big factor.

Maria Ingold, Strategy & Innovation CTO, Mireality, suggested that we need to combine subject matter expertise with AI, and help the market understand what these new tools can do.

“It’s about taking the strength of our creativity and the precision of technology, bringing that together and creating something that reflects what’s happening with society and our value-driven ideas,” she said.

Lewis Smithingham, SVP of Innovation & Creative Solutions at Media.Monks, said the audience should keep in mind that currently AI is “the worst it will ever be. We’re seeing the death of monoculture and the rise of these microcultures and subcultures that allow people to personalise their content to the greatest scale”.