Densitron has announced its support for software-driven IP workflows using NDI. The company will integrate NDI into its IDS control system to be recognisable as a source by other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected to a standard Ethernet local area network.

NDI, a brand of the Vizrt Group, is a royalty-free technology that allows video and audio sources to be shared bidirectionally across a network, eliminating the need for costly direct connections, expensive cable runs and infrastructure upgrades while turning every source into a destination instantly available anywhere on the network.


Densitron will integrate NDI into its IDS control system

Reuben Such, global business director at Densitron IDS, said: “This is an exciting addition to our already extensive toolkit and a partnership we are really thrilled to be a part of. The addition and support of NDI within IDS enables our solutions to be deployed in not only new markets but also existing clients where the workflows have become more agile due to recent world events. IDS and NDI enables a new level of integration, flexibility and scale to enhance any requirement.”

“Software-driven IP workflows have become ubiquitous in video production,” said Michael Kornet, vice president, NDI. “NDI-enabled devices like IDS exponentially increase the video sources available for live production creating efficiencies and opportunities for customers that did not previously exist. NDI is the most widely adopted IP technology on the market, epitomised by the millions of customers with access to it today.”