Finnish public broadcaster YLE and cloud-production platform Dramatify have launched an innovative scheduling tool at IBC which aims to transform the manual process of organising live entertainment and music shows.

Automating scheduling for live entertainment is complex due to the many rehearsals, co-ordination of large crews and multiple shows which share partial content. The Entertainment Scheduling tool provides filtering to enable managers to tailor schedule views and combine filters by specific events, departments, cast members or groups.


Eurovision qualifier winner Käärijä with ’Cha Cha Cha’ produced with Dramatify/YLE Areena

Rami Lindholm, Content & Media Supervisor, YLE, said: “Productions are getting increasingly complex, and we need to simplify production workflows. Using traditional workflows, people get stressed due to the difficulty of finding relevant information. In contrast, the philosophy of Dramatify is to gather all production data. Crew members can filter relevant information and know exactly what happens and when. If the sound check time changes, the sound crew sees the changes in real time. All times related to the sound check time also change on everybody´s mobile view.”

Addressing complexities at events like the Eurovision Song Contest, the Entertainment Scheduling tool expands the Dramatify production platform. The platform currently offers remote production rundowns integrated with cue cards and teleprompters, as well as managing cast and crew schedules, call sheets, and makeup and wardrobe details.

Stand Number: 7.D43

Company: Dramatify