The EBU’s Dynamic Media Facilities concept aims to merge the benefits of IP and cloud into a revolutionary and powerful new kind of architecture. It will host a meetup and panel session to discuss the concept and how to get there later today – Sunday 17 September at 13:00-15:00 CEST on the EBU stand. 

“We are trying to steer the industry for software-based media production and what we want it to look like,” explained Pavlo Kondratenko, Project Manager, EBU. “We want to see interoperable containerised applications (media facilities) utilising best practices, running on shared infrastructure with good resource management and enabling seamless transition between on-prem and the cloud.”  

EBU hosts Dynamic Media Facilities meetup Sunday

Kondratenko: Dynamic Media Facilities will lead to ‘good resource management and enable seamless transition between on-prem and the cloud’ 

In a DMF world, media appliances won’t have to be treated like pets that require individual care, but like cattle – interchangeable units that can be easily deployed, managed and scaled.  

It will mean that compute resources can be shared across different productions throughout the day, drastically reducing overheads and ensuring optimal resource utilisation. Equipment that may otherwise lie dormant for significant periods will be harnessed effectively, leading to more efficient production cycles. 

These resources could be shared more easily internationally, by using resources from regions that are sleeping, which could be useful during world events that disrupt the resource availability in certain areas. It could create a global, round-the-clock production capability. 

Stand Number: 10.D21 

Company: EBU (European Broadcasting Union)