Content delivery specialist Edgio has joined forces with four other exhibitors in Hall 5 to tackle what they see as the industry’s most pressing need for delivering OTT video: to simplify and manage complex media workflows while reducing costs.  

Edgio is leading the alliance as managed service provider, working with Accedo, Bitmovin, Grabyo and Vimond, to integrate technologies across the entire streaming tech stack – from content production, personalisation and distribution to user experience and monetisation.  

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Winship Comollo: ‘Media and entertainment companies are having to do a lot more with less’

According to Sally Winship Comollo, Director of Communications at Edgio, the aim is to add more partners over time, with more names to be announced soon. 

“Media and entertainment companies are having to do a lot more with less. They don’t have the staff in house to be able to manage the workflow. It’s just where the market is right now,” she said. 

Eric Black, CTO and GM of Media for Edgio, said: “For media companies, piecing together an ecosystem like this on their own would be costly, time-consuming and risky. By bringing together companies at the forefront of streaming and managing the entire process under one service partner, media companies can focus on creating innovative content versus navigating the complexities of a streaming workflow.” 

Black noted that the industry currently lacks the managed service provider element. 

“You have all of these suppliers out in the market and they build great services, but there’s no central supplier that’s bringing them all together. From a customer perspective, it’s a very confusing landscape. How do you make sure, not just that you’re stitching the right pieces together, but how do you operate it?” he said. “You do need quite a bit of an ecosystem to deliver at scale.” 

Stand Number:  5.F18 

Company: Edgio