Celebrating its 30-year anniversary at IBC, 3D graphics and virtual studio specialist Brainstorm is unveiling a suite of new products. 

With a range of enhancements to its Edison Ecosystem, Brainstorm aims to make virtual technology accessible for live events, corporations and education applications. Built around its Edison Pro platform, it is a modular ecosystem which includes custom-built capture environments and apps such as Edison eDesk and EdisonGO to enable users to take advantage of a range of tools. 


Brainstorm 3D CEO Ricardo Montesa 

Edison eDesk includes a portable chroma set and desk with workstation, camera and lights, while the EdisonGO app uses an iPad Pro to provide video with tracking information to Edison Pro, which can then insert in-context AR objects.  

“Using an iPad we can add volume and depth to any kind of content, in real time, with just two clicks,” said Brainstorm CEO Ricardo Montesa.  

Meanwhile, Edison OnDemand is a web app which allows users to create a presentation by connecting to a remote Edison Pro and using the remote machine to run the presentation.  

Stand Number:  7.C46  

Company: Brainstorm 3D