Ikegami’s new UHK-X750 is a full studio/OB camera integrated into a rugged metal housing and includes high frame rate capture for slow-motion applications, global shutter sensors and versatile connectivity.

Michael Lätzsch, Broadcast & Professional Video Division Manager, Ikegami Electronics (Europe), said: “It is intended for production studios and outside broadcast service providers seeking high mastering quality to maximise the commercial longevity of their productions.”


Ikegami’s UHK-X750 camera with VFL-701D viewfinder and Fujinon 4K box lens

“It offers all the advanced capabilities of Ikegami’s flagship Unicam UHK-X700 except for those that apply to portable shoulder operation,” added Lätzsch. “Distinguishing elements of the UHK-X750 include a lower centre of gravity and easier staging compared to a portable camera. The new model delivers the optimum weight balance for operation in combination with a large lens. It also features a greater design emphasis on ease of service and cool operation. The camera’s low body height brings the accompanying VFL-701D viewfinder closer to the optical axis of the camera.”

The camera features three 2/3in CMOS UHD sensors with a global shutter to minimise artefacts when shooting LED screens or scenes illuminated with flash or strobe lighting. It has full HDR/SDR support and choice of BT.2020 or BT.709 colour spaces. It shoots at up to 2x speed in UHD or 8x in HD via the base station as an option. There are five neutral density filters and four chroma filters, while an optional optical low-pass filter can eliminate moiré effects when televising subjects such as LED videowalls.

When combined with the Ikegami BSX-100 base station or CCU-X100, the UHK-X750 supports simultaneous output in UHD and HD. Another option is IP I/O for video, audio and intercom conforming to SMPTE.2110 and NMOS standards.

Stand Number: 12.A31

Company Ikegami Electronics (Europe)