The first integration of Lucidlink Filespaces within a creative tool is now available for Adobe Premiere Pro allowing editors to “pre-emptively cache” just the media needed in their edit, directly within the Premiere Pro application. 

The LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro marks the flagship launch of a series of integrations designed to integrate with the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem. 

Future of collaborative editing

Adam Beason and Alex Ferris 

Alex Ferris, Director of Pre-sales Engineering, explained: “With this new integration, creative editors can now either pin just the clips needed within their sequence or if more precision is needed, cache the clip ranges found within their edit, thus giving them a faster and more performant experience.” 

Adam Beason, Solutions Engineer, added: “Unlike conventional methods that require painful downloads and time-consuming transfers, LucidLink streams precisely the essential data that is needed. The new integration with Premiere Pro brings sequence-aware caching directly into the editing tool and enables creatives to effortlessly pin and cache only the relevant content needed by the editing timeline.” 

Sriram Iyer, Head of Video Products and Partnerships at Adobe, said: “Adobe is thrilled that LucidLink’s new workflow panel integration with Premiere Pro is available for demo at IBC.” 

Stand Number: 3.B67  

Company: LucidLink