Across content creation and production, Generative AI can act as a “creative co-pilot” Andy Walker, Head of Media at consultancy Accenture, told the IBC Daily. 

“The technology can take distribution and commercialisation to the next level, elevating how media companies can distribute content to wider, more targeted audiences, and manage and monetise assets more effectively,” he said. 

GenAI is a co-pilot for innovation

Andy Walker: ‘GenAI can reshape our interaction with content’ 

Crucially, the customer experience can be improved. Walker explained, “Generative AI can reshape their interaction with content, turning passive consumption into an active, participatory experience with more personalised experiences.” 

The data generated across these stages can form a feedback loop, with user interactions and preferences helping to shape future content creation. 

“These new ways of working will mean a shift for media companies,” he says. “Success requires equal attention on people and training, and on technology. Companies must ramp up talent to address two distinct challenges: creating AI and using AI.” 

However, he warns, that the tech must also be treated with care from a technical, legal and governance perspective. “It’s critical that genAI technologies are responsible and compliant: designed, built, and deployed with clear principles to engender trust and provide the ability to scale with confidence,” Walker adds. 

Stand Number: 2.G104 

Company: Accenture