Traditional LED video displays only use three emitters: Red, Green, and Blue, but INFiLED has gone one further. It is introducing a fourth emitter in a custom LED package that increases the colour spectrum viewed from professional cameras by using an LED video ceiling. Branded ‘Infinite Colors’ the innovation is said to improve a variety of LED applications by allowing full variations in tone, saturation, and colour appearance in white light and custom colours, all featured in one display. 

Marco Bruines, CEO, INFiLED EMEA, explained: “The implementation of this new technology means a significant advancement in colour and texture reproduction, ultimately leading to a higher Colour Rendering Index. This goes beyond traditional display solutions to provide a more accurate representation of colour and texture that result in a visually stunning and natural appearance of human facial tones.” 

Go forth with Infinite Colours

Bruines: ‘Going beyond traditional display solutions’ 

Bruines, added: “By incorporating Infinite Colors into the virtual ceiling, creators can integrate captivating and dynamic lighting effects that enhance the overall visual quality of virtual productions.” 

The initial application of the Infinite Colors technology can be observed in the INFiLED Studio Series, presented for the first time at IBC. This implementation serves as a stepping-stone towards the development of a comprehensive range of high-performance extended light and colour spectrum solutions tailored specifically for virtual productions, the company explained.  

This is a LED modular system of displays for XR and VP and consists of ceiling, flat and curved backgrounds.  The Studio Series provides high contrast, high brightness, high colour accuracy and ultra-black antireflective surface. 

Stand Number: 2.B43 

Company: INFiLED