Anton/Bauer has released the next generation of its Academy Award-winning VCLX battery. The VCLX NM2 delivers 600Wh of consistent power at 14.4V, 28V and 48V to drive high-power draw equipment at peak performance on cinematic productions.

It has one XLR3 and two XLR4 connectors to provide dual simultaneous high current output delivering consistent 24A current at 14.4V, 16A at 28V or 12A at 48V from the NiMH battery.


Power packs: Anton/Bauer’s rugged VCLX NM2

Weighing 13.3kg, the new model is lighter and built to withstand the rigours of set life, grip trucks and shipping cases. It is engineered from tough anodised aluminium with over-moulded end caps and handle grip. Efficient thermal design with passive cooling means no fan noise, and the sealed case is water-resistant up to 21.6cm.

Real-time onboard diagnostics are displayed on a 2.4in colour LCD, while new fleet management allows full command of entire battery fleets. The VCLX NM2 sends status information including capacity, cycle count, temperature and time-stamped reports directly from the battery via WiFi – information can also be downloaded to USB storage.

Stand Number: 11.C40

Anton/Bauer / Vitec Group