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    Daily News

    RNT Rausch mobile data safe is ready to go


    Germany-based technology pioneer RNT Rausch has unveiled Hibagon Mobile Data Safe, a robust, shockproof and water-resistant storage device that transports data “across companies, cities, countries and continents irrespective of weather conditions and transportation vehicles”, according to the company.

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    Daily News

    Edge Storage goes Lyve


    Seagate recently launched its Lyve Edge Storage and Data Transfer Services in Europe. The edge-to-cloud mass storage platform is built for widespread users “to capture the unstructured data explosion”.

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    Daily News

    eMAM update focuses on flexibility


    The latest version of eMAM and eMAM Cloud media asset management software offers an improved Feeder tool for more efficient media ingest. New live options allow organisations to edit during capture, with highlight delivery during a live event.

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    Daily News

    Toshiba spins up higher capacity drives


    While solid-state based storage, like flash memory modules and solid-state drives (SSDs), play an important part in data intake or local storage for post-production, the huge amount of video and audio being created requires much greater storage capacity to match, preferably at the lowest cost-per-capacity possible. This typically requires spinning ...

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    On-demand: IBC’s Creative Production Workflow Tour


    The cutting-edge tech that is enabling every aspect of the creative production process is the focus of this Workflow Tour led by key studio and post-production technology users and suppliers. The tour is available to watch on-demand on IBC Digital.

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    aSTORM: The NOCODE iPaaS for MEDIA Enabler

    2021-11-22T12:30:00Z Brought to you by

    aSTORM is a Cloud-Native augmented STORage Manager system for multi-tier, multi-site, media location abstraction.The enabler of NOCODE iPaaS for media, aSTORM enables organizations to simplify media operations in a Hybrid cloud or full cloud transition, reduce the TCO and maximize ROI. Providing a shift in the storage paradigm from the ...

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    Daily News

    Spectra draws Vail across multi-site multi-cloud storage


    Spectra Logic has released Vail, which it describes as a pivotal addition to its data storage and management ecosystem.

  • Vast Data

    Simplifying media workloads with Universal Storage

    2020-10-15T12:34:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: In this session, you’ll see how Vast’s Universal Storage delivers the all-flash performance, and capacity that today’s 4K and 8K projects demand, at a cost that makes it attractive not just for your most demanding applications but for your archives as well, all with the simplicity of standard ...

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    Thought Leadership

    Prediction: SSDs will replace hard discs for primary storage


    Hard disks will be replaced by SSDs as primary storage in the mid-term, predicts Jan de Wit, CEO, Dynamic Drive Pool

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    Technical Papers

    The full monty: Moving beyond the hybrid cloud


    Many media companies are moving some of their video and visual effects workflows to the cloud, but leaving some components—such as primary data storage and editing workstations—on-premises.