Another collaboration of future-focused minds will be tackling the topical challenge faced by the M&E community - the control of metadata and distribution. The project, Authenticated Data Specification, is part of the Accelerators Media Innovation Programme, which will be showcased at IBC2023.

Data distribution in media workflows has created inevitable issues in the control of metadata once it’s been published and while it works its way through the entertainment landscape. Studios, content creators and broadcasters are at risk of their content becoming augmented, losing its original quality, and its intended message being compromised as the data slips out of their grasp.

Authentic Data Standard (1)

IBC Accelerator: Authentic Data Standard

Authenticated Data Specification has taken on the challenge of discovering developments and solutions for the world of media and entertainment, to allow studios, broadcasters and content creators and owners to verify and authenticate their content data and imagery and publish it to third-party sources.

The project is a joint effort between four Participants: media workflow experts Flomenco, audiovisual content public registry EIDR, mobile telecommunications operator LMT, and entertainment industry data solutions Fabric. The Champion of this unique project is ITV.

The team’s objective is to define a Standardised Distribution Package, encompassing the essential metadata fields, the highest level artwork and imagery and usage rights. They also aim to build event-driven integrations that allow metadata to pass between systems.

Mark Smith, IBC Accelerator Lead, praised the project’s imperative objective: “Giving content creators and rights owners greater control in the provenance, integrity and quality of their content and various assets through the digital publishing chain is a critical necessity for the entertainment industry.”

Authenticated Data Specification will bring solutions to the M&E industry in areas of uncertainty, protecting content and its creators and distributors by building a system of authentication that will verify the data originator, authenticate the data and adopt a signifier that identifies authenticated content.

IBC created the Accelerator programme in 2019 to support the M&E technology sector with a framework for agile, fast track and collaborative innovation. The carefully selected projects take on ’bite size’ challenges to develop innovative solutions to common pain points, with invaluable hands on experimentation.

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