Filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan are fastidious about how their movies look on the big screen but have no control over their creation when viewed in the home. IMAX - whose cameras Nolan uses to shoot his films - wants to change that. 

“We want to bridge the gap between creators and devices by bringing that same level of premium quality direct to the consumer on smaller screens,” said Vikram Arumilli, SVP and GM of Streaming and Consumer Technology at IMAX. “We want to unleash the power of IMAX.” 

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Arumilli: Unleashing the power of IMAX in the home 

Its flagship product Smart Stream, acquired last year as part of the 2022 acquisition of SSIMWAVE, helps deliver that premium quality with the most efficient bitrate. 

“That makes CTOs happy and allows streamers to save millions of dollars,” he said. 

IMAX claim the technology will save 15% of CDN costs for streamers and that it has already saved a “leading streaming platform” $25 million a year. 

“When content moves from set to the home we ensure it is done in a way that preserves creator intent. We will never replicate the experience of the cinema theatre but we can get close by removing as much noise in the encode/decode process as possible.” 

Also announced is a tech partnership with Prime Focus Technologies which will use Stream Smart as part of its digital packaging and delivery service for streamers. Specifically, Stream Smart will be combined with PFT’s Clear product to help optimise the encoding pipeline for video delivery.  

“Our focus to date has been on North America and we believe Prime Focus unlocks opportunities for across Europe, Asia, and Australia that we’ve not been able to tap into yet.” 

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