Challenges that will shape the success of future streaming services and ultimately increase user engagement are the pain points targeted by one of eight collaborative projects in this year’s IBC Accelerator Innovation Programme.

To fully realise the potential for customisation, broadcasters will require richer datasets, more efficient ways of generating and transporting metadata, and to adopt a modular approach to content production and delivery.

3. Inside the IBC Accelerator exploring the success of future streaming services

IBC2023 Accelerator: Responsive Narrative Factory

Responsive Narrative Factory, which will be showcased at IBC2023, spearheads these highly customised viewing experiences through aligning media metadata with personal data dynamically, outperforming previous limitations. The project team will demonstrate their technological achievements and innovative solutions for streamlining metadata workflows.

The project will enable broadcasters to have granular control of individual viewing experiences, using multiple streams of time-based metadata, to allow for more effective manipulation of content. The objective is to create highly customisable programmes, adapted for and by the consumer. It will use the metadata transport format Metarex, and Infuse Video’s streaming technology.

Mark Smith, IBC Accelerator Lead, highlights the value this project brings to the future of content: “This Accelerator team has been exploring and experimenting with the intriguing notion that future viewing experiences will be anchored in the creation of flexible media and responsive narratives. This means the engineering behind actual video content takes in a combination of richer media data sets, personal data and greater efficiencies in the generation and transportation of metadata, to drive astonishing new levels of personalised viewing.”

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Participants include personalised video platform Infuse Video; Metarex, which allows the transporting, registering and preserving of timely metadata for media in a single workflow;, a consumer platform for products to collect live feedback in-app and improve user engagement; and data-driven marketers JPB Media Solutions. Champion of the project is BBC.

Project Objectives

Participants will demonstrate that the key to improving engagement for future streaming services will be to effectively tailor the actual video content itself to individual preferences and needs.

The team will show how their technological advancements in metadata will allow:

  • Enhanced monetisation through features such as customised advertising and product placement
  • Improved inclusivity by dynamically creating EDLs from temporal metadata and IMF packages
  • Reduced operation and storage costs including minimising content duplication using modular, IMF-driven content delivery
  • Greater control such as by creating multi-outcome/narrative content for live events
  • More engagement and improved retention through personalised experiences, therefore increasing profitability.

The eight IBC Accelerator projects will be showcasing their fast-track innovation framework for the M&E ecosystem, through multi-company project-based approaches, and are all free to attend at the Innovation Stage in Hall 3 at the RAI, Amsterdam.

For more information for when to see individual projects, check the IBC2023 Content Agenda.

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