Systems integrator dB Broadcast has delivered four satellite vehicles designed to minimise their environmental impact to ITV Daytime for use in locations around the UK.

The vehicles use efficient Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid vehicles, which were converted by Mitsubishi Specialist Vehicle Operations to remove the rear seats and add a custom bulkhead and twin-deck floor to allow installation of the broadcast systems.

dB Broadcast-1

One of ITV Daytime’s hybrid-electric satellite vehicles

The dB Broadcast design incorporates a battery/inverter for clean, silent operation and includes two solar panels on the roof to supplement the technical battery. For connectivity, they have an auto-pointing Cobham 8100 KA-band satellite link and the latest quad channel LU800 LiveU encoder capable of simultaneously streaming up to four independent video signals, plus a high-power wireless access point to boost connectivity around the car.

For sustainability, where possible, equipment was repurposed from ITV’s existing fleet, including the Ka-band satellite antennas and modems.

Tim Guilder, Head Of Technology for Daytime, said: “We realised that we didn’t need a ‘bureau-on-wheels’ anymore. It was a conscious decision to move away from traditional diesel-powered sat vans three and a half years ago in favour of something smaller in terms of size and carbon footprint, more agile, more all-terrain and generally more fit-for-purpose when it comes to ITV Daytime’s daily live TV coverage needs. Overall, it gets a step closer to our long-term ambition of a fully EV fleet - particularly as battery range and public infrastructure is improved.”

Stand Number: 10.C41, 1.C37e

Company: dB Broadcast