Broadcasters can create new channels and monetise content across a variety of platforms using, a new Software as a Service (SaaS). The system uses ‘hyper-scalable serverless microservices’ which the company says helps channel owners reduce time to market and avoid the costs and learning curves associated with using cloud-native playout, streaming and digital distribution technologies.

A key feature of the platform is Stream, a service for streaming and playout that is said to meet the needs of OTT, DTC and FAST services by delivering flexible daily and monthly pricing models. According to the company, Stream has all the features found in enterprise-class broadcast playout systems, including live inputs, video/audio mixing, comprehensive multi-language captioning, and full graphics and branding capabilities. It also delivers pre-built recipes for delivery of OTT and FAST TV channels to services like Roku, Samsung TV+, YouTube TV, Tubi and more.


The platform is built upon hyper-scalable serverless microservices

Designed and built by the team behind the company’s Emmy-winning playout technology, Stream combines the specific technological and feature requirements of both traditional broadcast channels and conventional OTT channels into a single platform. It is intended for quick and efficient launch of pop-up channels, pay-per-view events, limited-duration sports events and disaster recovery, among others.

Stand Number: 1.B79

Company: Evertz