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    DTG2023: FAST and Curious, AR and Fan Wonderment


    With a part two look at the DTG’s The Bigger Picture event, George Jarrett reports on two sessions that particularly caught the ear, one dubbed The FAST Track to Success, and a fascinating session on Extended Fan Experiences.

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    DTG2023: The Media Bill, OFCOM and ITVX Forge the Bigger Picture


    The DTG’s annual conference, hosted by TV/radio presenter Sasha Twining, covered a dozen subjects under the banner of The Bigger Picture. Monetisation has cast a nasty shadow over streaming, and consumers are consumed by financial concerns that have shunted them towards nostalgia. George Jarrett reports.

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    SVOD and the new business models – a tale of diversification


    The last 12 months have been a wake-up call for subscription-based video providers, some of which saw significant leaps in interest and user base over the first months of the pandemic. However, the segment faces significant disruption, according to an expert panel, which will require dynamic adjustment to business models, ...

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    Cloud, AI, FAST and more: a look ahead to 2023


    January is only just coming to an end, but anticipation is already building for the next IBC, which as usual will take place at the Amsterdam RAI in September. In the meantime, Content Everywhere companies are polishing their crystal balls and making predictions about what might lie ahead for the ...

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    FAST takes off in Europe


    Growth in free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services is continuing to outpace industry expectations with particularly strong take-up in Europe, according to the latest report from Amagi.

  • 3. Fremantle announces European leadership team 3x2

    Fremantle announces European leadership team


    Fremantle has unveiled a new European leadership team, with the creation of new CEO roles for both Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

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    Webinar: How to Launch OTT and FAST services


    The lean-back experience still has a lot of power for consumers, an expert panel agreed on the recent IBC webinar, Launching OTT and FAST services. While FAST has seen considerable industry interest of late, the fact that viewers are turning into FAST channels in large numbers does not necessarily result ...

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    Sports industry gathers to go OTT in Madrid


    While rights-holding broadcasters are increasingly determined to ensure their linear sports output is available to their viewers via online channels, the sports industry is looking to OTT as a means of democratising coverage to engage fans and generate new revenue streams. The SportsPro OTT Summit, held in Madrid at the ...

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    2023: What to Expect


    ”May you live in interesting times”, as the popular saying (or ancient curse, depending on your interpretation) goes, and certainly 2023 is set to be very interesting indeed. From the global financial outlook and its repercussions, to the accelerating pace of technological change, there’s plenty ahead to give food for ...

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    Streaming market to see further consolidation — Bitmovin’s Oreper


    Igor Oreper, chief architect of Bitmovin, said he expects to see some consolidation of the streaming market through M&A over the next two to three years, which will result in price increases for packages.

  • Janson
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    Janson Media picks Accedo One


    Janson Media made use of Accedo One, the SaaS platform for white-label OTT multi-screen video services, to deploy its new media streaming service, Janson TV.

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    Fuse Media expands FAST distribution with Amagi


    Fuse Media expanded its partnership with cloud-based SaaS technology specialist Amagi to launch another channel as it continues to grow its presence in the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) market.

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    Top 10 Trends of 2022: FAST, AI, Virtual production and more


    There’s no arguing it, 2022 has seen quite a few ups and downs - the fact that the Collins Dictionary word of the year was ‘permacrisis’ says a lot. On the positive side though, a return to more normal social mixing post-pandemic has lifted spirits. We’ve seen the return of ...

  • The future of sports - a broadcast view
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    The Future of Sports: A broadcast view


    The 2022 Media and Entertainment Leader Summit revealed a glimpse into the future of sports broadcasting, with insights from DAZN Group, Eurovision Sport, Synamedia, LaLiga and Adeia, reports Sheryl Hickey.

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    How to win at FAST: Three strategies for success


    Allen Media Group has achieved great success with Local Now, a FAST channel initiative and spin-off of The Weather Channel. The company’s Head of Digital Michael Senzon talked about the process and strategies that led to this success.

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    Cloud distribution: “Standard and specific” broadcast workflows starting to emerge


    While the migration to cloud-based production has tended to the dominate the headlines, the admittedly slower and more nuanced emergence of cloud distribution should not be undervalued, writes David Davies.

  • FAST and furious-the rise of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV index
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    FAST and furious: the rise of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV


    It’s an understatement to say that Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) was a hot topic at this year’s IBC. The theme of FAST channels and services popped up in numerous conversations and presentations around the show floor.


    IBC2022 at the IET: Content and broadcasting trends for 2023


    The state of play for the broadcast and media industry in 2022 and into 2023 is directed less by technological advancement, and more by momentous past and present world events, which continue to shape the industry. Indeed, the greatest paradigm shift happened during the period in which it was not ...

  • Creating DTC products and FAST channels that users will love

    Creating DTC products and FAST channels that users will love


    IBC2022: Allen Media Group’s direct-to-consumer strategy is to create exceptional product experiences powered by world class content for users worldwide. President of Digital, Michael Senzon will discuss why a very disciplined playbook WILL accelerate your portfolio of streaming assets from your FAST channels to owned and operated apps.