Unveiled at IBC2023 and covering licensed functionality for hardware and software products, Lawo’s new Flex model combines perpetual licences with temporary subscriptions.

Described as an “ideal fit into operators’ usage strategy”, any permanent/subscription combination – including a purely subscription-driven usage model – is supported.


V10.8 introduces a range of features for A__UHD Core and more

Jamie Dunn, CCO, Lawo, said: “The good news about Lawo Flex is that customers who prefer to ‘own’ their processing infrastructure can still do so. To alleviate the financial burden in these volatile times, however, Lawo also offers the possibility to combine permanent licensing of bread-and-butter processing resources with temporary subscriptions for peak-time usage. This inherently provides sophisticated resource pooling on a virtual software level.”

Meanwhile, V10.8 for Lawo’s mc² and A__UHD Core platform provides flexible bus routing, an increased AUX count (up to 256 busses), a QSC Q-Sys proxy in Home, remote show control using OSC, CRM processing channels, a VCA Map pane with a graphical VCA routing and contribution matrix, a revamped Trim Set approach, and a console lock feature.

NMOS support for the mc² Gateserver is also now available and allows the addition of up to 20 NMOS devices to the Home inventory.

In addition, the Power Core will soon appear as a proxy in Home 1.8, with support for all four Madi front ports and dynamic support of a generic 64-channel card that automatically detects Dante and/or Madi SRC cards.

Stand Number: 8.B90

Company: Lawo