Media technology and video transport specialist LTN Global unveiled two new products that are designed to help media companies and broadcasters widen their reach.

LTN Lift is described as a fully managed, cloud-based playout solution for the automated creation of live, linear channels to reach a cross-platform audience.

Malik Khan LTN Global

Malik Khan, executive chairman and co-founder of LTN Global

LTN Arc is a production solution that enables media organisations to repurpose and decorate centralised feeds into customised streams for distribution on multiple channels.

Malik Khan, executive chairman and co-founder of LTN Global, said: “In a fiercely competitive and complex media landscape, maximising the value and reach of your content has never been as important as it is today. Media customers need to get their best content to viewers wherever they are watching — and they need to do this efficiently and at scale.”

With regard to LTN Arc, Khan added: “Centralising feeds, decorating content, and delivering customised live event streams around the world is mission-critical to reach more customers on more platforms to drive subscription and ad revenue.”