The new LLS-1 Light Lift System is a versatile robotic system that expands MRMC’s range of supports for PTZ cameras by adding a vertical lift that offers good flexibility for floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted options.

Greg Wingfield, Computer Vision Team Lead, MRMC, said: “There is a lot of demand for this. A lot of people have PTZs and want movement. It is priced sensibly for the PTZ market.”

MRMC 1 eDaily 2023-06-19

PTZ automation on the rise: MRMC’s new LLS-1 Light Lift System

The LLS-1 carries up to 10kg, with a motorised lift range of 65.5cm, and a speed range of 0.5-60mm per second. It can comfortably capture sitting and standing shots without reconfiguration. It has a Vesa mount to allow a lightweight prompter to be added underneath the PTZ.

It can be controlled using MRMC’s Multi-Head Controller software, or Polymotion Chat for automated movement, and can also integrate with third-party systems. The LLS-1 has genlock sync to allow synchronised FreeD positional data to be output, for use with virtual graphics systems.

The system can be combined with the QRS-1 (Quiet Rail System) rail, to add horizontal rail motion, which can be expanded by creating a dual lift system that comprises two LLS-1 lifts and a QRS-1.

Stand Number: 11.C26, 12.D20

Company: MRMC