Sony is now close to achieving its aim of “uniting live and file-based production irrespective of where the service is being run, using IP and cloud”, according to Olivier Bovis, Head of Media Solutions, Sony Professional Europe. 

It is two years since Sony acquired Nevion and established Networked Live “to enable customers to build new workflows around remote and distributed production”. 

Network Live ready to reign

Olivier Bovis shows off Sony’ new CBK-RPU7 on-camera HEVC codec 

This has required two key components – a low-latency HEVC codec and network orchestration – for Nevion to manage not only the LAN but also the cloud. This is now possible as BBC R&D demonstrated with its UHD HDR proof-of-concept production of the coronation of King Charles using a private 5G network. It used a prototype HEVC codec enabling Sony’s QoS protocol, alongside Nevion cloud orchestration. “In an overcrowded wireless environment, you can secure the necessary bandwidth to deliver the service you need,” Bovis explained. 

Sony is also showing the new ML2-X cloud switching technology, which compliments its MLS-X1 switcher, and allows it to be virtually expanded, as well as the new CBK-RPU7 on-camera HEVC codec and the NXL-ME80 1RU encoder/decoder, which is shipping next Spring. 

Stand Number: 13.A10, 13.D201 

Company: Sony