Designed for localisation service providers, and broadcast and streaming platforms, the newly developed Ooona API is claimed to increase efficiency during content ingest, postproduction and pre-delivery. The API is designed to check caption and subtitle files quickly and accurately at the point of ingest, during postproduction and prior to delivery.  

Alex Yoffe, Product Manager, Oonna said: “We’ve developed the API in response to requests from clients who want to accelerate the process of content inspection when they get files from vendors or at pre-export. It performs critical checks and generates a text-based report which can be stored for reference or sent to a client along with the file.” 

New API automates QC for captions

Ooona demonstrates its new API to speed content localisation in Hall 3 at IBC 

Yoffe says this is especially useful in ingest and dispatch suites where time is often at a premium. It also ensures that post-production staff accessing the files are alerted to information requiring their attention. 

“The API dramatically reduces the number of files that need sending for human QC. That in turn gives QC staff the time to focus on files with real issues.” 

Stand Number: 3.C69 

Company: Ooona