KO:R, a new planning and collaboration tool designed to streamline teamwork and increase productivity, has been introduced by Octopus Newsroom.

The pandemic has emphasised the need for remote teamwork and KO:R aims to secure broadcasting workflows by providing tools to seamlessly address this transition and drive remote production. It facilitates organisation and planning by offering users a tool to interact and organise daily and long-term tasks even if they are not physically in the same place.


KO:R can handle remote teamwork and planning in a flexible way

While this tool was originally designed to meet the demands of broadcasters, KO:R’s Darwinism - as it is portrayed by its developers - allows it to completely adapt to the needs of teams of all types who want to increase efficiency by improving task management and monitoring.

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Lukas Kotek, CTO, Octopus Newsroom, said: “KO:R was created for everyone. The driver for the development of this product was the market need for a customisable planning tool that would adapt to the workflows of the organisation, rather than the other way around, where the team needs to modify their habits to make the tool functional.”

Being cloud-based, KO:R enables teams to perform all types of workflows remotely. The availability of common spaces to gather information, co-ordinate activities, and produce content emphasises teamwork. As well as the option to include people outside the organisation in the team’s workflows. This planning instrument also promises to fully adapt to the demands of each customer, creating a tailored version to fill their needs. Users only pay for the modules they need.

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