Planetcast Media Services is launching its cloud-first NexC architecture in both the APAC and MENA regions.

NexC is designed to “empower media companies to overcome the complexity challenge of today’s distribution landscape, enabling the friction-free management of content across processing, post-production, distribution, and monetisation”, the company said.

5. Planetcast Media Services launches NexC in APAC and MENA

Planetcast Media Services launches NexC in APAC and MENA

Sanjay Duda, CEO of Planetcast Media Services, said NexC can enable industry players to overcome today’s complexity challenges. “Media companies must reach audiences on an unprecedented scale through a constantly evolving array of platforms and devices, which adds complexity,” he said.

Planetcast also showed how its recent acquisition of Switch Media has enhanced NexC’s distribution capability with an end-to-end OTT platform. Through the acquisition, Switch Media’s proprietary online video solutions have been integrated with NexC, “ensuring that media companies can streamline content delivery while driving monetisation opportunities”.